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News From the Steelsmith Blog

Steel Building Myth: The Cancelled Building

  There Never was a Cancelled Building As soon as a sales consultant starts telling you about a cancelled building, it’s time for you to hang up the phone. For years, steel companies sold consumers on the idea that another … Read More

Will the Cost of Steel Buildings Go Up in 2016?

The price of steel is projected to rise in 2016 – begging the question, “How will this affect the cost of steel buildings?” Anyone that has been around this industry long enough knows that the looming threat of the dreaded … Read More

Why Wind Exposure Matters in a Steel Building

Steel buildings are renowned for their strength and durability; however, these attributes are the direct result of laser-focused design details, specifically around wind exposure. Make Sure that the Steel Building is Designed with the Right Exposure While some may think … Read More

3 Steps to Maintaining Your Metal or Steel Building

Any owner or prospective buyer of a metal building wants to know about steel building maintenance. When they do, the manufacturer or builder needs to have an answer that puts them at ease. This shouldn’t be a problem since the maintenance … Read More