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Steel Building of the Month: Fire Stations

Why Fire Stations are Made Out of Steel Buildings When governments need a new building, decision makers often turn to steel because of the cost-efficiency and speed at which it can be produced and erected. Governments have strict budgets and … Read More

Why Steel is Better than Wood for Buildings

There’s no question that steel buildings are growing in popularity. From warehouses to industrial buildings to commercial properties, steel buildings are popping up everywhere. They are fast becoming the preferred building choice over wood – and for good reason. Steel … Read More

6 Reasons Steel Buildings Make the Best Warehouses

A warehouse is a great building to own: they’re versatile, and can be used for anything from storage to industrial use. But why should you opt for a steel building for your next warehouse? 1. Maximize Space One of the … Read More

How to Stop a Steel Building Scam

Find a Trustworthy Steel Building Company So you have started calling around to different steel building companies about your new warehouse, commercial building, or airplane hangar. You have had a few nice conversations, but you might be struggling to differentiate … Read More