Commercial Steel Buildings – Warehouses, Offices, and Storage

With large-scale commercial buildings, one of the first factors many groups will consider is the overall cost. However, the biggest mistake buyers can make is only thinking about the immediate cost of the building, and not the full cost for the project, both short and long-term.

Steelsmith steel buildings provide the best cost-effective solutions for commercial properties. Steel buildings are highly customizable, durable, and visually appealing. Their erection time is also significantly faster than other traditional building methods, meaning that you get your commercial operation up and running sooner.

We offer clear span steel buildings that allow for plenty of open space for optimal operating efficiency. A steel office building can be filled with cubicles, collaborative workspaces, and/or conference rooms. A steel warehouse can accommodate crane usage and give workers the extra space to maneuver heavy equipment.

Steelsmith offers a superior steel building project experience. Our team will set you up with a building that is designed and tailored to your needs. We only sell high-performance, quality steel buildings – we believe this way will provide you the most cost-effective building for years.

Retail Steel Buildings – Consumer Stores, Strip Malls, and More

Retail buildings often require a visual flair or appeal to draw the customer inside. Whether you need oversized storefront windows to highlight your products for window shoppers or color eaves and doors to generate a certain aesthetic for your boutique, steel buildings can be your solution.

Retail building owners choose pre-engineered steel buildings because of their strength, durability, and low-maintenance costs. When insulation material is installed, they also become easily temperature controlled, which is essential to the retail experience.

Many retail buildings that you walk into everyday are probably steel buildings without you even realizing it. Many small retail stores, large superstores, and strip malls are in fact pre-engineered steel buildings. It’s their customizability, with options such as brick and stone finishes, which can disguise the steel frames and paneling.

More About Commercial and Retail Steel Buildings

Among the types of commercial and retail steel buildings that Steelsmith offers:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile dealerships, service bays, and garages
  • Retail applications – freestanding building or retail complex
  • Malls

Steelsmith steel buildings can be built exactly to your specifications, including:

  • Complementary design esthetics – brick or stone veneer and engineered steel
  • Clearspan framing for more interior space, ceiling height, and wide open access
  • Store front facades – custom glass work and doors
  • Building construction or additions – adaptable and affordable

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