Steel Building Project Spotlight: Seems Grand Investments

Steelsmith provided comprehensive services to make this steel building come into fruition in 2014. It was built for Seems Grand Investments, a Pittsburgh company that leases out spaces within the building to commercial tenants. The building is a total of 9600 square feet, with 60 x 160 x 16 dimensions. This steel building project epitomizes the comprehensive services Steelsmith can provide our customers, as well as the versatility of steel buildings.

Full Services from Steelsmithflexspace-steelbuilding-steelsmith

Steelsmith provided this customer with start to finish services for this building. Our architectural package included the following items:

  • Architectural services,
  • Assistance obtaining building permits,
  • Building design,
  • Concrete and masonry work,
  • Building erection,
  • And furnishing the building.

Our self-performed steel building services for this project enabled us to streamline the building process. In providing Seems Grand Investments with single source accountability, Steelsmith was able to complete this project from initial design to completion in a total of 3 months.

The Versatile Flex Space Design

This building is considered a Flex Space. Commercial tenants can rent sections of the building from the owner and use the space however they like. The clear span framing of this steel buildings broadens the possibilities as far as potential use of space.

Seems Grand Investments is divided into three sections each with separate entrances and garage doors. Internally, we added sheeted steel framed partition walls to create separate sections within the building. One section has 60×80 dimensions, and the other two sections have 60×40 dimensions. Seems Grand Investments utilizes the largest section, and the other two sections are rented by commercial tenants. So far, tenants have included a baseball training space, and a gymnasium. The open design and durability of this building make it ideal for a multitude of applications.

Seems Grand Investments is ‘100% satisfied’ with the services provided by Steelsmith. Read the thoughtful testimonial we received from the Owner of Seems Grand Investments below.


We are 100% satisfied with the comprehensive steel building services provided by Steelsmith. The architectural package Steelsmith provided to meet the needs for our 9600 square foot steel building exceeded expectations. The building was quoted accurately, the design and erection teams were professional, and the building was designed and erected within a short time period. As a developer, we have put up 2 prior buildings, 1 a bit smaller and another the same size. Both came from another ” building manufacturer” and the outcomes were not even close to the Steelsmith building experience. We saved considerable time and money by letting their crews start with a bare lot up through completion sans mechanical. We supplied our requirements and they went above and beyond, our issues were trying to keep up with their crew’s pace. Yes, if there is another building, it will be a Steelsmith.”  

– Seems Grand Investments Owner

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