What is a Steel Building/Metal Building?

A Steelsmith pre-engineered metal building system provides substantial advantages in performance, and cost savings compared to conventional construction methods. All the components are engineered and fabricated at the manufacturing facility and shipped to the job site as a complete package. This allows for significantly faster construction than other building methods. And, because all the components are made from high quality American steel, a Steelsmith metal building is virtually maintenance-free.

An engineered steel building consists of the following elements:

Primary Framing

A Steelsmith steel building consists of solid web I-beam column and rafter primary framing. These columns and rafters are engineered specifically for your project’s site so that your steel building will meet or exceed your local wind and snow loads.

Secondary Framing

Attaching perpendicularly to the columns and rafters is the secondary framing. Secondary framing typically consists of cold formed Z and C channel steel girts on the walls, and purlins on the roof. Depending on the exterior cladding of the steel building, these members may also be extruded or welded.

Exterior Paneling

There are countless options for the exterior of a Steelsmith steel building. The basic building package includes 26 gauge GBR (Girt Bearing Rib) panel on the walls, and 26 gauge PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) panel on the roof. These panels are sealed with a wide mastic tape, and screwed to the girts and purlins using a long life steel fastener painted to match the color of the panel. If you are interested in a more traditional look, Steelsmith can accommodate that as well. Steelsmith steel buildings can support split and decorative block, brick, stucco, and almost any other veneer you can think of.

Trim Packages

No matter what you choose for your building’s exterior, all Steelsmith steel buildings come complete with a full commercial trim package with the same color options you have on the panels. Eave trim, rake trim, corner and base trim, and even cover trim for your framed openings all comes standard with our buildings.

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