Steel Garages

Garages store some of your most valuable assets. They need to be sturdy, weather-resistant, and adaptable to what you are looking to store. Whether you need a multi-car garage for your vintage cars, or something larger for your boat or other vehicles, we will work with you to design a steel building that will provide high-end performance, reliability, and an appearance that will highlight your property.

Garages are usually additions, expansions, or secondary buildings on a property. Therefore, you need a talented designer that can create a garage that will match or compliment the other standing features on your property. Steelsmith has a proven track record in designing a wide variety of garages that become aesthetic highlights for any property.

When you buy a steel building, you know that you are investing in a high quality structure that will last you for years. Upon ordering, your garage will be manufactured and shipped as a single package, and the erection team will be ready to put it together at a rate much faster than other building types. Whether you need a new garage for your car, your tractor, or need a little extra storage, you can count on Steelsmith to provide you the best and most reliable product at an affordable price.

Our garages offer the following features:

  • Design customization and aesthetic appeal
  • Energy efficiency and temperature control
  • Clear span operational freedom
  • Weather protection
  • Structural durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Adheres to safety requirements

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