Steelsmith Accessories


The components of a Steelsmith metal building system are engineered and fabricated at the manufacturing facility, and shipped to the job site as a complete package. This allows for significantly faster construction than other building methods. Because the components are made from high quality American steel, a Steelsmith metal building is virtually maintenance-free.

There are many varied options available to support the customization of a Steelsmith engineered metal building system:


Accessories 1

Suspended coverings over doors or openings held aloft on poles


Accessories 2A wide variety available to work best within your design and specifications

Purlin & Eave Extensions

Accessories 3

Designs for an overhang or gable ends that complement a complete trim and soffit package


Accessories 4

Exterior options from horizontal sliders to fixed windows


Accessories 5

Standard single layer or double layered packages available


Accessories 6

Designs to maximize internal light exposure

Vents and Exhaust Fans

Accessories 7








To increase air flow, circulation and ventilation

Steelsmith Estimators and Project Managers can assist with your selection of building system accessories to provide design and use flexibility:

  • Wide color selections
  • Size options available
  • Furnish and installation packages available
  • Meets city, county, municipal and state guidelines
  • Custom specifications to ensure accuracy
  • Meet specified LEED certification requirements
  • Energy efficient
  • High quality products
  • Product compatibility

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