Steel Buildings for Churches, Schools, & Non-Profits

Are you building a new church, school, or rec center? Perhaps you need to expand an existing structure on a tight budget? Our steel frame buildings are flexible and allow for the addition of conventional veneers like brick or stone. This means you can achieve the look you want for your congregation, school, or community/non-profit space with the cost effectiveness of pre-engineered steel.

From the smallest sanctuaries and classrooms to the largest worship centers, high schools, congregations, recreational, and community spaces, Steelsmith can save you significant money without sacrificing quality.

In fact, steel buildings for schools and churches are structurally superior than traditional construction and a much smarter long-term investment. They’re more affordable, require less construction time, are built from the highest-quality American steel, and have much more flexible configurations and layouts.

Steelsmith has experience and expertise in the construction of buildings with custom usage designs for schools and churches:

  • New construction or expansion
  • Classrooms
  • Sanctuaries
  • Arena-style worship areas
  • Gymnasiums
  • Auditoriums
  • Recreation and community centers

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Churches

Simply put, you get more for less with steel church buildings. The very fact that steel churches are so economical to build and operate is a huge benefit for cash-strapped organizations with minimal funds for new construction or build-outs.

Good stewardship at a church requires the wise and cautious use of funds. Although building projects are important, so is the effectiveness of the ministry and its community outreach programs. Thankfully, steel framed churches can cut construction costs by as much as 40%. This leaves funds available for other important church operations or programs.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Schools

School districts today have limited budgets yet an increasing need for flexible and versatile facilities. At a time when many school districts are merging to streamline costs, an influx of students are moving into already dated school buildings that have suffered from decades of wear and tear. Classrooms are overcrowded and expansion to existing school gymnasiums, auditoriums, and other facilities is often needed.

Steelsmith’s steel buildings for schools offer districts a cost-efficient means to build brand new school buildings or expand existing structures to best serve the needs of students and faculty. Prefab school buildings are also great for setting up temporary classrooms during major school building construction or renovation projects.

Our steel school buildings can be designed to meet the specific needs of your particular school – whether you’re looking to accommodate growing class sizes or extracurricular activities. Versatility and styling options are limitless. We can design you a brand new steel school building or one that seamlessly adjoins to an existing building. Anything from decorative brick to stucco or rock panels can also be added to enhance your building’s looks.

Steelsmith buildings are designed to fit your unique specifications and requirements with start-to-finish services and flexible options:

  • Complementary design esthetics – brick or stone veneer and engineered steel
  • Church design options and customization – sanctuary
  • School design customization – classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium
  • Reduced energy consumption with high-grade insulation
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Column-free clear span framing for more open interior space
  • Structural integrity and long-lasting durability

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