Steel Buildings for Equipment Storage and Mini-Storage

Steel Buildings are suited for all different types of storage applications from trucking and distribution centers to storage lockers. The versatility of steel buildings allows for customization of your specific needs, including energy efficiency, large clear span spacing, and long-term durability. When it comes to storage, you can count on steel buildings for optimal protection.

Mini-storage Buildings

Mini-Storage buildings are a great way for investors and entrepreneurs to turn empty land into profit. The large volume of steel bought by Steelsmith allows our company to offer you the lowest priced product in a very short lead time, enabling realization of those profits right away. Our design flexibility allows us to determine the right unit size mix to maximize your profits based on property dimensions, and market characteristics. A Steelsmith Mini-Storage steel building comes complete with a full commercial trim package, doors, insulation, and is designed to meet or exceed your local building codes.

Equipment Storage Buildings

When storing large machinery and equipment, maximization of space is crucial. Steel buildings have strong frames that allow for clear-span interiors that will keep cumbersome columns and other interior support structures from taking up your valuable space. Additionally, anyone who has worked with large machinery and equipment knows that there are minimum temperature and climate requirements required for storage. We can help keep your equipment in top condition by designing your building for optimal climate control. A Steelsmith building is the best option to keep your equipment safe and protected while you are away from the work site.

More About Steelsmith Storage Facilities

Steelsmith pre-engineered steel buildings are industry leaders in both performance and cost-effectiveness when compared against other construction methods. Our streamlined process eases the burden of the project responsibilities for you while simultaneously creating a durable and attractive building that has been custom-designed for your specific application and circumstance.

Once designed, the components of a Steelsmith metal building are fabricated at the manufacturing facility before being shipped to the job as a single organized package. Upon arrival at the site, our erection crews will stage the materials to provide the fastest possible erection time. After completion, you can know that your building will last for years with minimal maintenance since it is built with high-quality, American-made steel.

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