Steel Warehouses

Warehouses are one of the most common applications for steel buildings because of their durability and effective large-scale designs. Warehouse owners and managers prioritize the strength of the building – they know that it needs to hold up to heavy use whether you are storing commercial or agricultural products.

Most warehouses are specific, not general use. Therefore, it’s essential that your warehouse has a custom design for your specific application. Storing food products is different than storing electronics, and details such as the number of people inside the facility to the product type will determine what climate control, insulation, venting, or electrical needs you might have.

Steelsmith provides numerous building types for warehouses, including:

  • Large Storage Facilities
  • Warehouse Expansion
  • Distribution Centers
  • Public Warehouses
  • Warehouses for Automated Storage

Steelsmith provides a wide range of design options to create you a warehouse that will provide strong performance at an affordable price. From clear or open span framing options to maximize your interior space to diverse paneling options to optimize energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, a steel building is the best choice for your next warehouse. Not to mention, it is made of high quality U.S.A.-manufactured steel, so you know it will last for years.

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