Steel Building FAQs

I have never purchased a metal building before. How can Steelsmith help?
We appreciate your concern. A metal building represents a major purchase. There are a lot of details that go into purchasing a metal building, which is why we are here to educate and assist you every step of the way. The process of purchasing a metal building is simple. After asking specific questions about your jobsite, metal building needs, and time frame, we will use that information to generate a detailed and easy to understand proposal and promise to answer any follow-up questions. Additionally, we understand the metal building construction process and will take the time to make sure you feel 100% comfortable not only with our company, but with taking the initial step to break ground.
How do I decide to purchase a prefabricated steel building?
Steelsmith believes there are a number of factors that influence the choice of a prefabricated steel building, and that buying from a company you trust should be number one. Steelsmith disagrees with the way most competitors treat customers by telling them to “read the fine print”. It’s important to investigate both business and customer references, so that you are not undermined by prefabricated steel building deceptive claims and pricing. In fact, we encourage references because we have nothing to hide at Steelsmith.
Is Steelsmith a steel building manufacturer? Am I buying directly from the factory?
Steelsmith is a Private Label for our Manufacturing Plant. That means we are the Direct Selling Arm for our manufacturer. We are 1 of 8 Private Labels in the United States for our Manufacturing Plant, and both the plant and Steelsmith have a set of strict guidelines and specifications that must be followed. We are the direct selling arm for one of the largest Engineered Metal Building Manufacturers in the country, and we are able to ship from 5 locations spread out across the country to allow for lower freight costs and quicker delivery times. Steelsmith’s buying power is what our customers really benefit from. We pass on the best pricing per ton in the industry to all of our customers, no matter the size or complexity of the project.
Why would I not just buy directly from the metal building factory?
95% of prefabricated steel companies misrepresent themselves as a metal building factory. This is absolutely false. Most of these companies serve as brokers for multiple metal building factories and, as such, do not get the volume discounts that Steelsmith does because of how they purchase their materials. Again, we believe it comes down a matter of dealing with our customers from a baseline of honesty and integrity. If you happen to contact an actual manufacturing plant directly, you have to remember that steel pricing is directly affected by volume. When you contact a manufacturing plant directly, you will be sent to one of their District Managers near you, and then possibly to one of their builders. By this time you have probably waited over a week just to talk to someone, and your pricing will be based upon the fact that you are a first time customer with no buying history.
What is the difference between a metal building Dealer and a Broker?
A Private Label Dealer represents and sells products from a particular metal building factory. A Broker tries to locate the cheapest metal building then sell it to you.
How can I find an erector to put up my steel building?
At Steelsmith, we can erect your steel building. We self-perform all of our construction projects, meaning that Steelsmith employees touch every part of the process from start to finish. This is in contrast with our competitors, who bid their construction out to lowest bid local providers. As a result, our competitors do not take responsibility for the performance of the hired installers. You will receive one contract from the steel building company, and then a phone number to contact their erector, so you can contract with them directly. This is not self performed construction, and the steel building company has no vested interest if the erector they are providing you is reputable, experienced, or qualified. Since you are contracting them directly, they are your responsibility, not the steel building companies.
Why should I buy a prefabricated steel building if I want a block building?
Actually, a Steelsmith prefabricated steel building can be fitted with quality stone or block facades that can be built much more inexpensively than actual stone, block or conventional buildings.