The Ultimate Steel Building Buyers Guide

The Steelsmith Buyer’s Guide is designed to be a starting kit for those interested in purchasing and erecting steel buildings. Inside, we will discuss early stages planning for your building, the type of people who work on a steel building, features and accessories for your steel building, the advantages of using steel for your building, and resources you should use when making your purchase.


How the Steel Building Guide Will Help You

First and foremost, there are many steel building contractors out there that will try to sell you a building that is unsatisfactory to your needs. They make up stories and tell customers whatever they need to hear to sell a building and often in the end provide a structurally insufficient structure that was poorly designed and poorly erected. We want to help you avoid these scams.

Second, we want to help you get your best building for your budget. Whether it is showing you a feature you did not know was available or explaining some of the planning process that will help you expedite your project, providing you the best educational experience helps both of our interests.

Finally, we want to want to show you why Steelsmith is the best steel buildings company out there. We preach value and quality to our customers because we do not just want you to be happy with your building the day it is finished being erected. We want you to be happy and satisfied for the long haul, because that is what steel is known for – strength, durability, and longevity.


In the Steelsmith Steel Building Buyer’s Guide, you will learn the following:

• Common land-related issues to avoid,
• What permits are needed to start building,
• What services are needed to complete your project,
• The different phases of metal building projects,
• Pros of steel buildings for various industries,
• Information about steel building features and components,
• The attributes of steel structures,
• How to assess a metal building company,
• And more…

At Steelsmith, we love educated buyers. The more you know about how steel buildings work, the better we can evaluate your needs down to the smallest details. This allows for your buildings to come out absolutely perfect. By making our customers educated buyers, our projects progress quicker and smoother because you can better let us know exactly what you want in your building and what hurdles we might have to overcome in the project.

At the end of the guide, you will also receive a Final Checklist that we encourage you to print out and refer back to it while planning your steel building project.