How to Do Research on a Steel Buildings Company

When you buy an expensive and expansive structure like a steel building, it will always be worth your time to conduct your own background research on the company designing and selling you your building. Even a few minutes of research can enlighten you to possible indiscretions in their past work, and you should never do business with a steel building company without an honest and reliable reputation.

Why a Steel Building Company’s Background Matters

Customers choose steel buildings for their strength and reliability at affordable prices. However, some steel building companies have extensive histories of lawsuits and failed projects. The best predictor of whether or not your project will be successful is if the steel building company that you are working with has a consistent and lengthy history of quality buildings similar to yours. If a company has a portfolio of poorly built, poorly designed, or poorly managed projects, they might ruin your project as well.

Start by Asking for References

manOne of your first research methods should be to ask the steel building company directly for industry and customer references. They should be easily able to provide you a variety of references of their work. Also, these references should be of work that is directly relevant and of a similar scope to your project.

Moreover, these references should be able to demonstrate consistent quality work over a long period of time, including within the last year or two. If the steel building company cannot provide a litany of references (both old and new), this should be your first sign that you should look elsewhere for your project.

Your Next Step is to Make a Few Internet Searches

You don’t need to hire a private investigator to discover if a company has a sketchy background full of shoddy work and questionable contracts – you can find out a lot by using your favorite search engine. Performing a simple search of the company’s or the salesman’s name with keywords such as “scam” or “ripoff” or “lawsuit” will instantly reveal the less than reputable backgrounds of companies and salesman that should never be trusted. Your project is too large of an investment to waste it on a company that cannot be trusted.

You Should Also Check Out Websites that Chronicle Poor Business Behavior

behaviorThere are more than a few websites that specialize in the reporting of unethical or fraudulent behavior by businesses. These sites record complaints and provide investigations into whether the company acted honestly and with integrity. Even if a complaint appears resolved on the website, the fact that a customer made a complaint in the first place should be a red flag that your project might not be in the best hands.

A Strong Reputation and Happy Customers Show a Commitment to Customer Service

Elite level customer service will likely be the most important factor in determining the quality of your finished building. From intelligent and thorough design to organized project management, the quality of the people working on your building can make all of the difference. Better designed buildings built by certified, experienced, and insured erection crews will always provide you the best long-term value.

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