The Ultimate Steel Building Buyers Guide


The Steelsmith Buyer’s Guide is designed to be a starting kit for those interested in purchasing and erecting steel buildings. Inside, we will discuss early stages planning for your building, the type of people who work on a steel building, features and accessories for your steel building, the advantages of using steel for your building,…

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Steel Building Project Spotlight: Seems Grand Investments

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

Steelsmith provided comprehensive services to make this steel building come into fruition in 2014. It was built for Seems Grand Investments, a Pittsburgh company that leases out spaces within the building to commercial tenants. The building is a total of 9600 square feet, with 60 x 160 x 16 dimensions. This steel building project epitomizes…

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Best Time to Start Planning Your Steel Building Project

steelsmith steel buildings

Steel buildings can be built in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. But there are better times than others. At Steelsmith, we recommend completing the construction portion of your steel building project in the Summer. Here’s why you start planning your steel building project now, in early Spring. Regions with warm summers and snowy winters have…

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5 Facts About Steel Barns


Barns are used for everything from keeping livestock safe from the elements to storing hay and heavy-duty equipment and sometimes all three at the same time. No matter what you store, here are five reasons why you should build your barn with 100% steel rather than steel-wood combination pole barns, or wooden barns. 1. Steel…

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