Steel Building New York

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

Long Island McArthur Airport

Industrial Storage Building Year Built: 2017 Building Type: Airport Hanger


Fort Fitness

Commercial Gym Builder Year Built: 2015 Building Type: Commercial Sq. Feet: 4,800 Details: Steelsmith designed, delivered, and…

Menio Contracting

Menio Contracting

New York Steel Garage Builder Year Built: 2016 Building Type: Garages Sq. Feet: 7,500

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

The Fieldhouse

NY Steel Sports Complex Builder Year Built: 2016 Building Type: Sports Sq. Feet: 20,000

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

Hagerman FDP

Steel Commercial Fire Station Construction Year Built: 2012 Building Type: Fire Department Sq. Feet: 6,000 Details: Steelsmith…

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

Grey Metals

Rochester Steel Constructor Year Built: 2013 Building Type: Commercial Sq. Feet: 90,000 Details: Steelsmith furnished and erected…


Hudson Valley Tennis Club ‘Catskill Tennis Club’

Indoor Tennis Court Building Constructor Year Built: 2013 Building Type: Commercial Sq. Feet: 13,000 Details:…

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

Belmont Properties

New York Commercial Building Year Built: 2013 Building Type: Commercial Building Dimension: x x Sq. Feet: 1200 Details: What…

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

J. Naugle Trucking

Steel Truck Garage Builder Year Built: 2014 Building Type: Truck Garage Sq. Feet: 7,200 Details: Steelsmith demolished…

Steelsmith Steel Buildings

Pauly Construction

Commercial Steel Construction Building Builder Year Built: 2015 Building Type: Commercial Sq. Feet: 7,500 Details: Main building –…