Steel Hangar Building Project Spotlight: Clear Skys

Steel Buildings Pittsburgh

In this Steelsmith Project Spotlight, we will review the hangar project recently completed in Illinois for, Clear Skys, LLC. We will also take a closer look at our hangar project specialist, Jason Lerman, who has designed and erected a variety of hangar buildings for companies and pilot’s all over the country. Why Choose Steel for…

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4 Extra Costs for Winter Steel Building Projects


Erecting steel buildings in the Winter can add to your overall project cost. Learn how frozen ground, concrete/masonry work, equipment, and weather during the coldest months of the year can impact your overall project cost in the list below, created by Jason Lerman, Senior Project Manager at Steelsmith. 1. Frozen Ground: Longer Construction Timeline and…

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How to Choose the Right Erection Crew

steel building erectors

Choosing The Right Erection Crew One of the biggest benefits of building with Steel is the streamlined erection process. Since buildings are prefabricated, the pieces are shipped, steel beams are raised and connected, and voila! A steel building is formed. Although the erection process might seem simple, it’s actually a complex process that requires highly…

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