Welcome to the New Steelsmith Website!

steel buildings and metal buildings

Introducing the New Steelsmith Website! At Steelsmith, we want to bring the customer behind the scenes to show them what makes us different. Our belief is that you should choose Steelsmith for your steel building because of our extensive collection of quality projects that showcase our principle of value engineering, and our thorough, dedicated, and…

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Steel Building Myth: The Cancelled Building

Steel Building Cancelled Building

There Never was a Cancelled Building As soon as a sales consultant starts telling you about a cancelled building, it’s time for you to hang up the phone. For years, steel companies sold consumers on the idea that another customer cancelled an order nearly identical to yours, and that you needed to jump on this…

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Will the Cost of Steel Buildings Go Up in 2016?

Cost of Steel Buildings Expected to Rise

The price of steel is projected to rise in 2016 – begging the question, “How will this affect the cost of steel buildings?” Anyone that has been around this industry long enough knows that the looming threat of the dreaded “price increase” is a common sales ploy. It’s not uncommon to hear a sales rep…

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