Steel Building Myth: The Cancelled Building

There Never was a Cancelled Building

As soon as a sales consultant starts telling you about a cancelled building, it’s time for you to hang up the phone. For years, steel companies sold consumers on the idea that another customer cancelled an order nearly identical to yours, and that you needed to jump on this rare opportunity that would save you bundles of money.

The truth is: there never was a cancelled building

We have been supplying customers with steel buildings for several years, and we know from experience that steel building customers don’t cancel projects after the building materials have been manufactured. Even if this did happen, the likelihood that this building would come close to the specifications you need for your purpose and location are slim to none.

So that cancelled building the sales consultant is telling you about? It does not exist. There is no magic building sitting in the corner of the factory waiting for a customer with your specific needs to come along.

Actually, the “Cancelled Building” is a sales tactic that has been in use for years by many steel companies, stemming out of their origins making prefabricated steel buildings. It works because it inspires a feeling of serendipity in customers that they have stumbled across a stupendous deal and should act before it disappears. In fact, they will actually be designing and delivering you a building using the same procedures and price points as all of their other projects.

So no, you didn’t win the steel building lottery. But that’s okay, because Steelsmith Inc. customizes each and every building for our customers anyways and will build you a steel structure that perfectly fits your needs better than a “cancelled building” ever could.

The Era of Custom Engineering

Custom engineering is the modern philosophy of a cutting-edge steel company. Pre-engineered buildings were a waste of resources; every year building codes change and old designs become obsolete immediately. Steel companies cannot properly predict these changes, so the most cost-effective answer for both the companies and the customer is to custom engineer each building to the customer’s specific requirements.

The best part about this shift is that a custom engineered building is not more expensive for the customer than a prefabricated building is. While the approach has changed, steel is still sold by the pound, the buildings are designed the same way, and the steel is engineered using the same techniques.

So, if a sales consultant starts telling you about a “cancelled building,” thank him for his time and call STEELSMITH — a modernized steel building company that will fulfill your steel building needs and provide you with a custom engineered building that you can be proud of!

All Buildings are Specifically Designed and Custom Engineered for Your Purposes

Steelsmith’s design team is ready to help you design the building specifically made for your purposes in your ideal location, and will custom engineer it for the building loads you need it to handle, all while following local building codes and clearances. Our custom engineering and design teams will streamline the building process for you from the initial drawings to the final phases of the erection.

Every aspect of the steel building will be customized so that the building will function exactly as desired. From the types of steel panels, to the insulation options, to the size of the framed openings for your doors, to the color and window types, you will be amazed at how cost-effective and how highly customizable a steel building can be. Custom engineered Steelsmith buildings truly are built for both the present and the future.