Welcome to the New Steelsmith Website!

Introducing the New Steelsmith Website!

At Steelsmith, we want to bring the customer behind the scenes to show them what makes us different. Our belief is that you should choose Steelsmith for your steel building because of our extensive collection of quality projects that showcase our principle of value engineering, and our thorough, dedicated, and smart customer service.

Why Did We Update our Site?

We believe that educated customers are the best customers. The more you know about our great work, the more obvious it becomes that Steelsmith is the best choice for your next steel building project. We want to give you the tools to make the best decision, which is why we have revamped our website to better serve you.

Steelsmith has an extensive history of steel building projects that are used for a wide variety of applications. Unlike many of our competitors, we prioritize value engineering over all else to make sure that your building has the lowest possible in-place cost. We design and erect the building so that it will go up quick and last for years.

Website Features

Steel Building ResourcesAmong our website’s new features is our revamped Resources section, which provides a diverse set of pages to help you learn about steel buildings and the building process. This includes information about pricing, permits, the people who work on your building, and more.
We always say that our vast library of quality finished buildings is the number one reason you should choose Steelsmith for your steel building. In order to make it easier for you to see all the different types of buildings we’ve helped create, the website now features an extensive
Projects page which pictures and details on a wide variety of projects from industrial to recreational buildings.


As further evidence of our dedication to providing you more quality information on steel buildings, we are re-committing to providing consistent high-quality blog posts. For instance, on our blog you can find out more about sketchy “Cancelled Building” sales pitches, how wind exposure affects the design of your steel building, and why you need to pay extra attention to where you’re looking to put up a steel building.

Wait! There’s More to Come

Coming soon is a new section on case studies on some of our best steel building projects. These case studies will dive deep into the story behind the building and provide extra detail on unique design specifications. This will show how extensively we customize each of our buildings for our customer’s needs.  

At Steelsmith, we sell buildings, not stories. You can trust that we are going to thoroughly examine all of the different factors that affect the design of your building at the outset of the project so that we can avoid any issues that might pop up later on in the project. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible, and that means that we custom-engineer all of our buildings so that they are uniquely made for each customer’s needs. We’re very happy that we have a new website that reflects our detailed and thorough approach to each of our steel building projects.