Steel Building Myth: The Cancelled Building

Steel Building Cancelled Building

There Never was a Cancelled Building As soon as a sales consultant starts telling you about a cancelled building, it’s time for you to hang up the phone. For years, steel companies sold consumers on the idea that another customer cancelled an order nearly identical to yours, and that you needed to jump on this…

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Are You Ready to Expand Your Steel Building?

Steel Building Expansion

Ease of expansion is a huge selling point for prefabricated metal or steel buildings. Expansion is necessary to accommodate growth or to enhance profitability. If you’re at this point and looking to expand, congratulations on your growth! Now let’s talk the different factors that come into play for building expansion. There are several ways to…

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4 Steel Building Pre-Construction Must-Do’s

4 Steel Building Pre-Construction Must-Do's

Metal and steel buildings are incredibly durable and long-lasting. But it’s important to get things right even before your building goes up. Here are a few pre-construction suggestions to help ensure you get the building you want with minimal complications along the way. Don’t Go Into This Alone Although putting together a prefabricated steel storage…

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