Steel Building Project Spotlight: CarSense

Steelsmith erected this stunning steel building for Carsense, a car dealership in Cranberry, Pennsylvania in 2012. The project went very smoothly due to superior attention to detail and thorough planning of the project from start to finish. In the end, the building exceeded expectations in terms of both look and function. The Carsense building is 13,685 square feet;  or 115 x 119 x 57. The front area of the building is an open concept interior design utilizing structural steel that is used mainly for meeting with customers. The back portion of the building is a large garage, used to store cars. This metal building constructed by Steelsmith, Inc for Carsense is a brilliant example of just how unique an engineered steel building can be. It also highlights how metal buildings can be used and built for different uses including glass showrooms and car garages with tilt up concrete walls.


Structural Steel Entranceway for Customers

The front section of the Carsense building appears to be made entirely of glass windows. The perfectly symmetrical, smooth glass entranceway to the building gives the Carsense dealership an upscale and contemporary appearance. This glass facade is made possible by the structural steel framing that is unseen to onlookers. It also makes the space inside the building, where Carsense employees meet with potential customers, feel like an open and inviting.


Engineered Garage for Car Storage

A unique engineered design for the back portion of the Carsense building allows it to function as a garage. The garage attaches to the front section of the building just as a new steel building attaches to a preexisting building. This portion of the building has tilt up concrete walls, a high quality, good-looking insulation choice that carries the contemporary look and feel of the building all the way through to the garage.

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