PA Warehouse Builder

Year Built: 2018
Building Type: Warehouse
Sq. Feet: 8,500


When a developer proposes an idea to turn outdated commercial site into a multi-phase industrial storage building, Steelsmith works to bring it to reality! Beginning with a 45,000 square foot re-roof, Steelsmith began this project in early 2019. By installing new sub-framing directly to the existing roof purlins, the overlay system allowed for continued operations within the building. An additional 2" of fiberglass insulation was layed down prior to commencement of 105 ft single length panels being rolled directly onsite for install!

Soon to follow was the erection of five additional steel buildings, including an impressive 42 ft tower, specially designed to attach to masonry on the existing building. Complementing the sheer size of this impressive project, are the details. Custom built roof cricket, trapezoidal standing seam roof panels, parapet, custom color band, insulated metal panels, and five staircases.

Let's not forget the three mini-storage facilities, complete with 74 units, tying into the overall curb appeal with their special order single skin stucco panel.

What a project! Appreciate our client in Taunton for the partnership and the opportunity!