Callery Industrial Park

70,000 sq ft Commercial Warehouse PA

Year Built: 2008
Building Type: Warehouse
Building Dimension: 190 x 370 x 28
Sq. Feet: 77950


Callery Industrial Park is known locally as a growing commercial development located north of Pittsburgh in Butler County. The Industrial Park plan is designed to accommodate three commercial/industrial buildings or warehouses ranging in size from 14,000 sq. ft to 80,000 sq. ft.

The 70,000 sq ft commercial warehouse in PA is attached to the 7,650 sq ft front office building. Steelsmith provided engineering, manufacturing, erection, and concrete services for Callery Industrial Park, Inc. Steelsmith provided and installed all transition trim to provide a watertight seal between the two buildings. The first in a series of commercial warehouses that Steelsmith was contracted for. Check out the Callery Commons project page to see our latest building completed within the park.