Commercial Steel Building Connecticut

Year Built: 2014
Building Type: Commercial
Building Dimension: 70 x 140 x 20
Sq. Feet: 9800


Steelsmith furnished and erected this steel building for Barnick Truck & Equipment out of New Haven, CT. Built with roof snow load of 30 and the ability to withstand 110 miles per hour of wind, this commerical steel building in Connecticut is ready for anything the North Eastern winters want to throw at it. Spanning 70 feet in width and 140 feet in length, the design includes (5) man entry doors and (5) 12 ft x 14 ft openings for overhead doors. The bypass girt condition makes a continuous run of girts outside the wall's columns providing an air space the width of the girt between the column and the exterior panels, allowing plenty of room for the 3" wall insulation package.