Barks and Rec Boarding

Recreational Steel Building North Carolina

Year Built: 2016
Building Type: Commercial
Building Dimension: 86 x 180 x 12
Sq. Feet: 15,480


Steelsmith designed, delivered, and erected this recreational steel building in North Carolina in 2016. The building, utilized by Barks and Rec Boarding, is 15,480 square ft. It’s a recreational building used to board pets. Inside, it is completely open with no walls except for a knee height wall that differentiates the reception area from the pet area which has a turf floor. The roof style is gable, and it’s built for agility training, with 12’ height. The building has four 10×10 foot garage door opening to let in natural light and get air flow. The insulation for the building is R-30 and R-24.