Area 52

Pennsylvania Airplane Hanger Builder

Year Built: 2015
Building Type: Airplane Hangar
Building Dimension: 95 x 80 x 22
Sq. Feet: 7600


Over the years, we've been a go to source as Pennsylvania airplane hanger builder. This featured hangar was built for Area 52, LLC, a private airport located in Barto, Pennsylvania. The company tore down the two existing buildings, to make room for the foundation (designed by our engineers) and concrete slab that the hanger would be set on. Featuring a 70 foot hydraulic hangar door, the building also hosted (4) man doors, a 6 inch roof and wall insulation package, and a ten foot ridge vent with a pull chain. The 7600 square foot airplane hangar was designed for raised sheeting 4 feet above finished floor to showcase split-faced masonry block.