Apollo EDM

Commercial Steel Building Memphis

Year Built: 2013
Building Type: Commercial
Building Dimension: 120 x 80 x 20
Sq. Feet: 9600


In 2013, Steelsmith furnished and erected this commercial steel building in Memphis, Michigan for a company called Apollo EDM. The building is 9,600 square feet, features strong color aeshetics with ash gray wall paneling, complimented by an artic white trimming and a galvalume 24 gauge standing seam roof.

Known for the ability to explore the impossible and bring a vision to life continues to set them above the rest, Apollo EDM needed additional space for their custom built machines and CNC tapping electrodes. In working with Steelsmith, Inc their vision of a gabled 80' x 150' square foot building, was designed, engineered, manufactured, delivered and built in twelve short weeks.