ADR Fuel Inc

Commercial Garages Ohio

Year Built: 2016
Building Type: Garages
Building Dimension: 70 x 160 x 18
Sq. Feet: 10,500


The steel building designed and erected by Steelsmith in 2016, is one of the many commercial garages in Ohio we've worked on. A propane supply company located in Perrysburg, Ohio utilizes the building to store and service trucks, fulfilling the owner's original idea of fully operating his business out of the new location.

Inside the commerical garage, Steelsmith maximized the usuable space by designing a steel partition wall, effectively segmenting the area as needed by the business. The choice to utilize a steel partition wall over other material was a no brainer for this customer as it reduced his worries around wear and tear, pest infestation, and susceptiblity to moisture. The striking color selection with hunter green wall panels and artic white trims, pulls together the aesthetic appeal the client asked for, should he wish to sell in the future.