(88) Self Storage

Ministorage Building Pennsylvania

Year Built: 2017
Building Type: Mini Storage


The team at Steelsmith, Inc. was thrilled to provide the design, engineering, manufacturing and erection services for a local Pittsburgh family, bringing their small business dream to life! Eight buildings totaling nearly 13,000 square foot of mini storage, includes 78 units ready to service the locals for all their storage needs.

As with any mini-storage building in Pennsylvania, Drip-X was applied to ensure condensation control. When temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point, moisture condenses on the underside of a metal roof and drops of water formulate. This special product traps moisture in the pockets of its membrane material and holds until conditions rise above the dew point, to which it is released back into the air in the form of normal humidity. Wah-lah -- temperatures are controlled within the storage unit, not to mention content business owners with the steelbuilding package they selected through Steelsmith.