39 Sargent

Climate Controlled Self Storage Building

  • Year Built: 2015
  • Building Type: Storage
  • Dimensions: 10x210x8.5, 20x140x8.5, 20x160x8.5, 50x100x22
  • Sq. Feet: 13,100


When given the opportunity to design, engineer, and erect a climate controlled self storage building, we delivered! Set in one of our favorite towns of New England, this four building project is one for the books.

Take for example, the 15,000 square foot climate controlled storage facility which offers units with climate control, allowing the unit to maintain a storage environment between the temperatures of 55 and 80 degrees year round! Take that New England winters!!

Covering an additional 8000 square feet, the remaining three storage buildings boast 60 units. Not missing a detail in erection, our crews installed a snow guard system ensuring a sudden release of snow and ice from a roof, otherwise known as a roof avalanche, is prevented.

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