Oil & Gas Industry Steel Buildings – Prefab Buildings for Fuel & Energy Industry

The oil and gas industry requires facilities that offer efficiency, strength, stability, and long-lasting value. Steelsmith steel and metal buildings for the fuel and energy industry are some of the most economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly construction options available. They can be designed, fabricated, and erected quickly and efficiently. Each building is fully customizable to suit your unique project needs, site requirements, and logistics. They are also built in compliance of all industry standards as well as all local and federal regulations.

Why Oil & Gas Project Managers are Choosing Steel Buildings

More and more fuel and energy industry companies and project managers are turning to prefabricated steel buildings to safely house their equipment and operations. These structures are reliable – they don’t rot, warp, rust, or weaken after prolonged exposure to the elements.

They are built with a strength-to-weight ratio higher than any other construction material. Steel framing provides the structural integrity necessary to support crane usage and withstand the weight of snow or the impact of high winds, salt-air, and earthquakes – these are especially important since extreme climate conditions can be challenging for oilfield operations, bio-fuel plants, and energy production facilities.

Furthermore, the flexibility and versatility offered by prefab structures are unmatched. Various building widths, lengths, and eave heights can be accommodated. Clear span space allows for structural support without intrusive interior columns, which means maximum uninterrupted and usable work or storage space.

Another benefit of oil and gas steel buildings is they can be scaled for future growth and expansion without complications. This is important since the domestic production of oil and natural gas is booming in the United States.

Steelsmith has experience and expertise in the construction of buildings designed specifically for the gas and oil industries. These include:

  • Operating facilities
  • Welding & multi-use facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Generator stations
  • Large equipment and vehicle storage

Steelsmith buildings are designed to fit your unique specifications and requirements with flexible options:

  • Configurability
  • Clear span operational freedom
  • Structural integrity
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Adheres to safety requirements
  • Custom specifications insured for accuracy

Get a Free Quote on a Prefabricated Oil or Gas Steel Building

Steelsmith’s steel and metal buildings for the oil and gas industries are a cost-effective way to optimize operations, minimize occupational health and safety risks, secure equipment and materials, and remain productive despite challenging climate conditions. Our team is committed to your project’s success and getting your building right the first time. We do this by being attentive to your needs and making suggestions when appropriate.

When you work with Steelsmith, it’s important to remember that you aren’t just getting a building designed and delivered to you. If you want, our team can assemble and erect your building or provide project management/coordination support. We focus on the details. You stay focused on operations, which start sooner rather than later when you choose a prefab metal or steel structure over a traditional one. Call us today at 1 (866) 603-5053 or complete our online form to speak to a representative and get a no-obligation quote.

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