Manufacturing & Industrial Steel Buildings – Versatility for Any Need & Use

A Steelsmith pre-engineered steel building is ideal for practically any industrial or manufacturing need. From small shops to large manufacturing plants, our industrial steel buildings are amazingly versatile and can be customized to your exact specifications. This means flexible lengths and clearance heights or as much open interior space as you need. This kind of versatility allows our steel or metal industrial buildings to suit a variety of uses and operations.

No other construction material compares to the strength-to-weight ratio of high-quality American-made steel. Steel industrial buildings can be designed to accommodate all types of cranes, hoists and storage racks.

Prefab Steel Manufacturing Facilities

A Steelsmith building’s floorplan and layout can be industriously spacious for the kind of space and functionality a manufacturing facility needs. Inconvenient support columns or beams aren’t needed with our structural I-beam main frames serving as support. Since prefabricated manufacturing facilities go up so fast, there’s no waiting to capitalize on your new manufacturing facility. Your manufacturing hub is engineered for optimum structural durability – it’s fire resistant, termite resistant, and built to withstand heavy winds or snow loads.

Custom Built Steel Crane Buildings

Steel warehouse buildings can be engineered to support crane systems for heavy lifting tasks. Our engineers will design a building capable of supporting any single or multiple crane system, their rails and brackets, and load weight capacity.

Waste Transfer Stations and Recycling Centers

The height and clearspan widths of our buildings make them ideal for waste transfer stations or recycling centers. Anything from catwalks to conveyors, multiple bay openings and push walls can be added to your industrial steel structure. If you’re processing corrosive materials, special coatings can also be added to steel main frames.

Small Utility Buildings

Steelsmith’s small prefab utility bulidings are great for pump stations or shelters, generator buildings, electrical control rooms, or well covers. Special features like insulated panels or fire-rated walls can also be added.

Bus or Trucking Stations/Terminals

Steelsmith’s pre-engineered bus/truck terminals or metal garages offer abundant clear usable space to store and repair large vehicles. There’s also plenty of clearance if a large vehicle needs to be lifted for repairs or if a dump truck bed needs to be extended to work on hydraulics.

Get a Free Quote on a Prefabricated Steel or Metal Manufacturing Building

A Steelsmith prefab steel or metal building is perfect for just about any industrial/manufacturing facility. They are long-lasting, low-maintenance, easy-expand, and much more affordable and reliable than traditional buildings. Plus, when you work with Steelsmith, you not only get a prefabricated manufacturing building engineered, designed, and delivered to you, but we can also put it up for you. Contact us today at 1 (866) 603-5053 for a free quote or fill out our online form for a Steelsmith representative to contact you.

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