Commercial Steel Buildings – Steel Warehouses, Metal & Steel Storage Buildings, Steel Office Buildings & Steel Retail Buildings

More and more commercial developers are turning to pre-engineered steel buildings for a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. Steelsmith is proud to offer developers the unmatched structural integrity, flexibility, and durability of our commercial steel buildings.

The versatility of our steel buildings allows us to accommodate a variety of needs or uses. For instance, an office building, warehouse, or a manufacturing facility needs maximum floorspace. This means no interior obstructions.

In this case, our clear span steel buildings would provide plenty of open space for optimal operating efficiency. A steel office building can be filled with cubicles, collaborative workspaces, or conference rooms. A steel warehouse can accommodate crane usage and give workers more space to maneuver equipment.

Commercial Steel Buildings Can Be Both Functional & Beautiful

There’s a misconception that all pre-engineered steel building systems resemble a metal shed or a steel storage building. Something plain and unappealing aesthetically. Truth is, many of the businesses you frequent on a day-to-day basis likely have a prefabricated steel frame. You recognize the Mexican restaurant for its southwestern-stucco exterior. You notice the glass show windows of the new auto dealership up the street. You notice the new office park’s professional-looking brick buildings. You’re completely unaware of the prefabricated steel framework underneath this exterior.

Commercial steel buildings are all around you. They significantly reduce construction costs, can be built much faster, are longer-lasting, and require very minimal maintenance. Because they’re non-combustible and weather-resistant, many insurance companies even offer a discount. Well-insulated steel buildings are easier to heat or cool. Additionally, steel-framed commercial buildings are easy to build-out if your business grows and you need additional space.

Steelsmith has experience and expertise in the construction of buildings designed to meet commercial and retail applications. This includes:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses and storage
  • Manufacturing
  • EMS and Fire departments
  • Automobile dealerships, maintenance / service bays and garages
  • Retail applications – freestanding building or retail complex

Steelsmith building systems provide customized building designs, and flexible building options:

  • Complementary design esthetics – brick or stone veneer and engineered steel
  • Clearspan framing for more interior space, ceiling height, and wide open access
  • Store front facades – custom glass work and doors
  • Building construction or additions – adaptable and affordable

Get a Free Quote on Commercial Steel Buildings

When you work with Steelsmith, you get a partner from start-to-finish. In addition to designing, engineering, and delivering you a fully-customized pre-engineered steel building, we can also put your building up for you. You get the highest-quality American steel and our done-for-you steel construction services at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

It all starts with a consultation and a quote. Commercial developers love working with us because of our commitment to customer service and your satisfaction. Whether you’re building a commercial retail or entertainment complex, or an office park, our steel retail buildings or steel office buildings come with low startup costs and a quick construction time. If you’re a property owner, you quickly get tenants moved into your building. If you’re a business owner, you’ll be open for business in no time at all.

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