Metal & Steel Airplane Hangars for Aircraft Storage, Protection & Servicing

Steelsmith can design and construct customized metal or steel airplane hangers to meet your exact needs and specifications. Our steel aircraft hangars provide reliable shelter and protection to any type of plane or helicopter and can accommodate Bi-Fold, Hydro-Swing, Stacking and Sliding hangar doors in single aircraft buildings – even nested T-hangars.

Hangar door options include manual, electric, or hydraulic lifting systems. Insulated hangar doors are also optional. All hangar buildings and doors are designed and built specific to your region’s required roof snow loads, wind loads, and seismic conditions.

From small private hangars to large corporate and commercial airline hangars, each metal or steel aviation building we sell is designed, engineered, delivered, and can be constructed for you as part of Steelsmith’s complete start-to-finish services.

Airport hangars protect aircraft from weather and direct sunlight, while also giving workers much-needed space for repair, maintenance, or manufacturing tasks.

Our aviation steel buildings include:

  • Private airplane hangars
  • Multi-plane hangars
  • Corporate jet hangars
  • Airport terminals
  • Peripheral aircraft buildings
  • Airfield Offices
  • Aircraft maintenance buildings
  • Biplane hangars
  • Glider hangars
  • Helicopter hangars
  • Jumbo jet hangars
  • Crew quarters
  • Shade structures
  • Storage facilities
  • Large equipment and vehicle storage

Engineered Steel or Metal Aircraft Hangars Are Smarter, Stronger & Safer

The first U.S. airplane hangar was constructed in 1902 by the Wright brothers at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina. Orville and Wilbur constructed this hangar with wood. Not surprisingly, storms severely damaged this wooden structure while the brothers were in Ohio completing the design and construction of the Wright Flyer.

The brothers repaired their plane hangar and moved forward. Even the U.S. navy went on to build wood hangars, several of which still stand today, however, it became clear that more structural integrity, durability, open space, and reinforcement would be needed as aircrafts evolved into what we have today.

In the 1920 and 1930s, steel airplane hangars became more prominent. Steel frames were used in the framing for the earliest massive dirigibles and now steel airport hangars are commonplace.

Obviously, steel framed airplane hangars carry countless benefits over traditional construction. They’re longer-lasting, structurally sound, and much more flexible and versatile. Steel hangars can be customized for practically any aviation application. Anything from overhead cranes, mezzanines, and cupolas can be added on easily.

Other options for steel or metal aviation buildings include:

  • Insulation
  • Wall panels and partitions
  • Skylights and wall lights
  • Vents
  • Vapor barrier
  • Standing seam steel roof panels
  • Cool panels

Get a Quote on a Steel Airport Hangar or Metal Building

The specialists at Steelsmith are here to discuss your prefab steel or metal hangar needs. Our team provides unmatched service and support from the beginning of your project to its completion. We assist with everything from ordering to design, engineering, delivery, and constructing your metal or steel hangar building. Call us today at 1 (866) 603-5053 or complete our online form for a free quote.

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