Metal Garages & Steel Garage Buildings for Auto Service & Auto Repair Shops

Through the years, Steelsmith has helped many auto service and repair shops grow their business with our cost-effective prefab garages. Our metal garages and steel garage buildings can be designed to accommodate hydraulic lifts, engine hoists, and paint booths.

In addition to being a cost-effective solution for a growing auto service or body shop, steel frame garages are also a great choice for trucking and bus terminals or any industry needing to store commercial vehicles or equipment. Their modular design makes for easy as-needed future expansion and Steelsmith can generally get far better pricing on garage accessories, such as overhead doors, than the average contractor or individual.

Our steel-framed structures have also been used for new and expanding car dealership showrooms and offices.

Layout & Open Space Make for a Successful Auto Shop

Newer vehicles with computer-operated systems, hybrid fuel technologies, environmental controls, rear-view cameras, global positioning systems, and other gadgets or gizmos have become too complex for the average amateur at home or “shade tree mechanic” to repair themselves. This has today’s independent auto repair and service shops busier than ever and looking for ways to affordably expand their operations.

There’s perhaps nothing more detrimental to an auto shop’s success than running out of space. No matter how many people are in need of your services, you can’t help everyone if your shop is crammed with cars plus equipment and your auto mechanics/service technicians have limited working space. When people have to schedule urgently-needed services or auto body repairs days in advance, you’ll likely lose them to a competitor.

Metal & Steel Garages Make Future Expansion Easy

Most auto service or repair shops start out small. As their business grows, so does their need for additional space. Since most auto shop owners are either renting an existing space or occupying a space they’ve built themselves, expanding their existing structure is the most cost effective non-business-disruptive move they can make. The customization and adaptability of metal or steel garages have made these structures a popular way to affordably add space and functionality to their operations.

Of course, if you’re building a new auto service/auto repair shop, starting with an engineered steel building rather than traditional construction is a smart early investment in your future. Not only will your shop be up and running much quicker, but metal and steel structures are easy to modify and expand once your business picks up.

Steelsmith has experience and expertise in construction of steel garages and buildings designed for use in the automotive industry:

  • Dealership showroom and offices
  • Service and parts – hydraulic lifts and engine hoists
  • Repair and auto body services – paint booths
  • Multi-vehicle garages
  • Storage facilities

Steelsmith will build to fit your unique specifications and requirements with our professional services and flexible options:

  • Customized flexible design for the layout you need
  • High-quality American-made steel for structural integrity and durability
  • Quick done-for-you metal and steel building assembly and erection to get your auto shop up and running quicker
  • On-the-fly modification and expansion to accommodate business growth
  • Done-for-you installation of customized doors, windows, and auto bays
  • Clearspan framing for operational freedom and open space
  • Minimal maintenance allowing you to focus on customers
  • Energy efficiency for lower heating and cooling costs
  • Resistance to weather-related wear and tear or destruction, fire, and pests
  • Functional design to accommodate whatever color, trim, and overall aesthetics you want
  • Built to local code, regulations, and safety requirements

Ready For a Free Quote on an Auto Shop Steel Building?

If you’re looking for a quote on a prefab metal or steel garage or building for an auto service/repair shop, the representatives at Steelsmith will be more than happy to assist you. Please fill out our online form with your details or call 1 (866) 603-5053 for a free quote.

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