A Steelsmith engineered metal building system provides substantial advantages in performance, and cost savings compared to conventional construction methods. The Steelsmith bidding strategies and packaging are consistent with building systems, and the established design schedule, resulting in project solutions that provide the lowest in place cost.

The components of a Steelsmith metal building system are engineered and fabricated at the manufacturing facility, and shipped to the job site as a complete package. This allows for significantly faster construction than other building methods. Because the components are made from high quality American steel, a Steelsmith metal building is virtually maintenance-free.

Steelsmith has experience and expertise in construction of buildings with custom usage designs for warehousing:

  • New construction or expansion
  • Warehouses
  • Storage buildings
  • Distribution centers

Steelsmith building systems provide design and use flexibility:

  • Complimentary design esthetics – brick or stone veneer and engineered steel available
  • Design options and customization
  • Safe inventory storage – climate-controlled environment
  • Energy efficient – heating and cooling
  • Clear span operational freedom – column free, expanded heights and widths
  • Structural integrity and durability



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